Welcome to South West Counselling’s (SWC) first official blog. To get things started I thought it would be good idea to explore the general topic of counselling, with a focus on what you can expect when you attend a counselling session at SWC.

So why go to counselling? People attend counselling for all sorts of reasons. Some go to deal with specific issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, abuse, trauma, relationship issues, grief and loss. While some may attend for other reasons such as self- growth, life-skills, support or simply to talk things through.

At SWC the aim of counselling is to increase a person’s self-awareness, responsibility, empowerment and wholeness. We believe that when a person is open to clarifying and understanding the experience and emotions of a life issue, relationship concern or a crisis, they can emerge stronger and with a greater sense of self.

Therefore, whatever the reasons behind attending counselling lets just say it can be a enormously beneficial, positive and a proactive process for individuals (both children and adults), couples and families.

So what if you have never attended counselling before and you would like to, but you don’t know what to expect and this is holding you back? Well here is a counsellor’s perspective of what we provide and what to expect if you engage as a client at SWC.

The role of the Counsellor at SWC is to enter with each person into their journey and act as a mirror for that person. The Counsellor is not someone who gives advice, or answers, or tells people how they should live their life. Counsellors do not have an expectation about what a person should do, but will work with each person towards a resolution that is right for them.

To facilitate counselling at SWC we provide A Safe Space. A safe space is vital as it is one of the most important aspects of any counselling experience. Creating a safe, confidential and comfortable space where one can bare their soul or share their inner most thoughts, feelings and fears helps to build a good therapeutic relationship which in turn enables self-growth and change to take place.

At the heart of every safe space is Unconditional Positive Regard which simply means that the therapeutic relationship between clients and counsellors at SWC is driven by being compassionate, caring and non-judgmental.

Therapeutic Approaches and Tools: The counsellors at SWC are eclectic in their approaches to therapy as we recognise that everyone is different and have different needs. Therefore, we use an array of varying tools to suit clients and situations; for example, Client Centered Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Solution Based focused Therapy, Art Therapy (including sand play), Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy etc.

So, if you are thinking about accessing some counselling but have been hesitant in the past I hope this reassures you and puts your mind at ease in order to take the next step. And just as a reminder, that with any counselling process there is no magic wand or quick fixes; however the process can be a very worthwhile experience. Rest assured we have friendly and highly trained staff that will welcome you through the door and do their utmost to be helpful, understanding and caring.

We look forward to seeing you.

– Mel