Counselling is a process of relationship aimed at self knowledge, responsibility, empowerment and wholeness. We believe that when a person is open to clarifying and understanding the experience and emotions of a life issue, relationship concern or a crisis, they can emerge stronger with a greater sense of self.

What we do

At South West Counselling we work under the Commonwealth Governments Privacy Act of 2000. At all times your details are confidential and will not be released without your written consent.

We see counselling as a creative path for individuals who wish to break free from old and familiar patterns which may be destructive or unfulfilling.

It is for people who want to live consciously and in healthy relationships with themselves and others.

It is our experience that it is not so much the pressures from outside which cause distress or hurt, but our reaction to those events.

The role of the counsellor is to enter with each person into their journey to act as a mirror for that person.

The counsellor is not someone who gives advice or answers or tells people how they should live.

We do not have an aim or expectation for those with whom we work - apart from moving towards a resolution that is right for each person.

As a new client you will be offered services created specifically for your needs. As each client is different we do not have specific outlines of how our services work as they may be different for all clients.

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